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New York and New Jersey have responded to the emergency with an overwhelming life-affirming desire to help. Volunteers from all walks of life, and from every imaginable ethhic backgound flooded the makeshift harbor set up near Exchange Place, Jersey City, on the Hudson, to help load supplied for the rescue workers in lower Manhattan. There were more volunteers than work. A police officer would walk over and say, "Okay, I need ten people to move that equipment," and a hundred would jump to get in line.

Donated supplies included flashlights, food, clothing, medical equipment, tootbrushes, clothes, and bags upon bags of food for the specially-trained dogs aiding the rescue effort.

Local restaurants and fast food outfits set up temporary kitchens a block up from the river, and prepared free hot food for rescue workers, volunteers, and anyone who needed it. Donations of help come in all forms: From fully-loaded 18-wheelers to an old lady, barely able to get around on her own, carrying a small plastic bag. Inside it, a bottle of spring water and some candy bars. She'd brought them down to contribute to the rescue effort.

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